I was treated very nicely and my wishes were priority! I am sure to return for more gems, a new addiction is loading…
This super sweet girl guided me along with all the details! My smile shines in creative and unique ways. Thank you <3
Super happy with my teeth whitening treatment! In a natural way I returned to a lighter tone. Much knowledge on the amount of sessions needed for the best and most natural result. Thank you RG!
Eliza is such a sweet and welcoming host! She likes to think along and puts in her best effort for great service. I am really happy with my gems and am sure to return. Thank you so much!
I am so happy with my gems! Eliza is super sweet, thinks along and gives you all the space to decide for a design which suits you. I am certain to return for more!
Super nice, relaxed girl. Works very clean and neat. Explains which steps she is taking and always checks if I am content! I am super happy!!!
Such a lovely woman who knows what she’s doing! I love my new set and will be coming back for sure! If you are considering to get some new bling, this is your sign to do it!
Very satisfied. Takes you along in her process!! Very perfectionist and skillfully. I would recommend and immediately want more :)
I love this girl and her work so much! Lovely, clean, organized and professional set-up and amazing service!! I've already went two times to get tooth gems installed, and I'm already planning my next design! So much choice and creative freedom, and the prices are super affordable. Definitely recommend her for your ice!
Very well received and helped, we will be back soon! ;)