Tooth gems are TEMPORARY.
Some of you are lucky to have them for years, some only
a month. This because of our different bodies and lifestyles.

But, how?
We all have different levels of acidity in our mouths.
The higher the level of acidity, the bigger the chance your gem will last shorter. Even the structure of your tooth plays a roll in your gem its longevity. Besides your saliva, is also your diet of great importance.

But, there are some things we can control!
Such as not drinking caffeine, (soda)drinks and food with a high level of acidity.

To avoid disappointment, tooth gem techs cannot give you an exact timeframe of how long your gem will last. Ofcourse, I would love them to last for years, mine have, and many of my clients too.

Knowing all this, love your gem whilst it’s there!
It’s a fun and temportary way to adorn and express yourself without consequences to your enamel.

Once your gem comes off, you have your dentist clean your teeth (at for instance a routine check up), or wait for the remaining adhesive to wear away. Your dentist may invoice you for this removal, but often during a routine clean this is free. Ofcourse, this depends on your dentist,
so get informed yourself!